Here goes everything...

Hello again to all wanderers,

This week I'm going to be chatting about the idea of courage and discouragement. You see, for the longest time I have loved collecting and learning from every free web based source and art book on how to become a famous artist. Now, trying to copy the masters in traditional, classic art and contemporary art was always something I tried to accomplish. However, now being at the age of twenty-two, nearly twenty-three, I've realized that if I want to push past my current skills, I have to keep going. No matter the stress, the economic state my bank account is in or just the feeling of, "I'll do it tomorrow," always has the chance to throw off the game. If I want to become a batter artist, designer, whatever my thoughts are pointing to that day, I need to give it my all. 

The same goes for any young artist or older artist, you're no trying to become an artist - YOU ARE AN ARTIST ALREADY.

The idea of courage doesn't always come from the stories of heroes. There are friends, strangers, and family that support you. They may give you encouragement but, that true courage is only for you to take, if you decide to.

The same is said for discouragement. We all learn what this feels like when going through life. It may not be the first place title or trophy we hope for but, it's a lesson we learn. The only real thing we have to face is our own battles. 

In other news, the career hunt is still going, not strong right now but, I'm still pushing through. Also, I picked up my butt and threw my art into the mix for being considered a featured artist in the annual art book by Spectrum Fantastic Art.

This is one of those wonderful book series I will scrape money together for every year just to see the new works published inside. I have submitted two works, Duana and Stella Messenger. I do hope the judging committee will enjoy my work, even if not accepted for this year's issue.

So, my friends, I wish you the best and that we may all face our battles with the Goliath courageously, just like David.